About us

About our company

Our success comes from the continuous faith in the excellence of our products and services, something we are committed to and would never sacrifice.

WETCO is a pioneering water treatment joint Stock Egyptian Company established in 2002. We are one of the dominant players who provide outstanding services and bring premium quality products from all over the world in cooperation with globally well-known suppliers and manufacturers.

Who we serve ?

We’ve serviced over 5,000 customers over the past years. Our client base includes everyone from business-to-business and business-to-customer that reside in Cairo while reaching into different destinations in the country side and Upper Egypt cooperating with small business owners to large corporations and Governorate sectors in different fields such as electricity, fertilizers, Metal, chemical and pharmaceutical, Food and sugar and spinning and weaving companies.

  • Our Vision

    WETCO attends to provide comprehensive and tailored water management solutions. Being our customer’s ((top of mind and top of heart choice)). Building a reputation as a water treatment commander, an employer choice, and trustworthy respected business renowned for its safe, Continuous, integrated and unsurpassed products and services.
  • Our Mission

    WETCO commits to continuously improving a superior quality of our work by providing water management and treatment systems that maximize effectiveness to exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Values

  • Accountability and Trust

    We work to earn and instill our customers' trust at all levels as we believe in that trust is the most powerful currency in our industry. We assure that it’s the reason for our long-term success. In WETCO way we strive to develop meaningful relationships to bring tangible benefits to our reputation.
  • Customer centricity

    We build lasting relationships with our customers by tooling them up with the best on time with tailor-made solutions. We further keep them informed through personable, honest and open communications. We spend money, effort and time to continuously improve our customer’s experience with our company.
  • Passion

    We love what we do .we are passionate towards our line work and eager to lead by example. We believe that passion is a necessary fuel for any successful enterprise in today’s world and that’s why we hunt inspirational leaders who know this and can catalyze passion by their words, actions and visions.
  • Supremacy Quality

    We are committed to deliver superior products and services to meet our customers’ needs and that’s why we carefully choose our partners, suppliers and employees. We act and response to urgency and challenges. We believe in attention to details is what makes exceptional projects to maintain outstanding outcomes .We make sure that we do this the right way the first time and every time. We don’t want to be better than our contemporaries or predecessors or even current competitors, we try to be better than you.
  • Our Heroes

    Our employees are our big family. They are our most valuable resource and they, along with our customers, are responsible for our success. We inspire and motivate them to use their hearts and minds to grow personally and professionally through relevant training and opportunities so they can reach their potential and achieve their goals, and we commit to continually improve their standards. We are proud of the level of engagement we have, because that in turn supports our sustainable high performance to our vision and mission.

Chairman’s message

WETCO has undergone a remarkable evolution in the past years but as we believe in that the only constant thing is to change itself and the summit is the property of no one, we continuously refine our views and raise our standards to suit our state of being pioneers. We work hard to earn the trust of our shareholders day after day and strive to be reliable, trustworthy and professional to our clients. Our goal is to cover the widest range of water treatment technology products with an astonishing level of service quality across the whole country.
As a service business, I believe that everything we do is people-centric starting by WETCO’s employees whom I prefer to call “family” to our invaluable precious clients. In WETCO every one’s job is important not only to their own success but also to the success of every other person and our company. In conclusion, I’d like to thank them all for their dedication during the challenging times. The year ahead will bring its own challenges but I’m sure by working together, keeping focused on our priorities and putting our customers first we can certainly achieve our upcoming potentials.

Our partners

Our partners are much more like water treatment pathfinders, some of the most professional and Assiduous innovators in the world. They are the largest in the business and most of them would say that we are one of their largest clients.

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